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There's something about the Canadian Tuxedo!  I always wondered where the name came from, why it's a thing and not reserved to just cowboys.  So I did a little web search and found out that back in 1951, Bing Crosby was apparently almost denied entry into the Vancouver Hotel because he was dressed from head to toe in denim.  It was Levi Strauss who got wind of the story and actually designed a denim tuxedo jacket for Crosby.  Since then the Americans adopted the outfit as the all American look.  

I have to say there's a feeling that goes along with wearing the so called "Canadian Tuxedo",  like you're some kind wonderful.  I mean how many models, Rockstars, celebrities and famous western characters have we seen wearing the jean on jean outfit.  The Gap, H&M, Calvin Klein and most other major jean brands have used the look over and over again in ad campaigns.  I guess you don't need to live on a farm or ride a bull by the horns to pull it off!