Portait Session . Vancouver . 2018

As a photographer, I’ve never been interested in doing boudoir photography. I’ve had lots of friends ask me over the years if I would do a boudoir photoshoot with them and I always just dismissed it. I mean, I’ve done my fair share of nude or have nude photoshoots, but heavy makeup and heals have never been my idea of sexy. I think I would can this photoshoot “ A Sexy Natural Portrait Session”.

Not that I don’t appreciate the fact that it might empower women but stilettos are not my thing and sticking my butt up in the air with a pair of heels to pose would probably make me feel more like a porn star then a sexy woman. Something more natural … bare skin, a small sexy piece of garment with no glam, barefooted and carefree seems more natural and normal to me. I think I’ve always been more of a Calving Klein kind of gal with more of a minimalistic approach to underwear. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a “jack your boobs up to your chin kind of a gift” ever and I’m ok with that. And if I did, I probably would ’t wear it anyway. It’s not comfortable when your hiking with your skis on the mountain!

All that, to say I did this shoot my very kind and open subject, Vanessa. No makeup, no fake lashes, no stilettos. Here is what we came up with with!