Fashion Editorial Photoshoot with actress Genevieve Buechner . 2019

I had the opportunity to photograph Vancouver based actress Genevieve Buechner who has worked on shows like The 100 and UnREAL.

She was fairly new at modeling but being an actress helps when it come to emoting to the camera. She knows how to play a character and today she was a model! As a photographer, working with other creatives is always interesting. You have to know what your vision is but also have to understand that this photoshoot is about all creatives coming together to execute a collective vision. The photographer is the final person working on the photoshoot, after the makeup artist, the hair stylist and the wardrobe stylist have all done their jobs in preparing the model to be photographed.

After shooting in the studio, we headed outdoors in the mid day Vancouver sun to shoot on location. The studio we had rented was on Main Street and with not much of a location planned, we ended up driving around between Main Street and Cambie between 6th and 7th just scouting and stopping when we saw something that might work. Doing this kind of “fly by the seat of your pants” shoot with too many cooks can be a bit stressful but we managed to shoot all the looks for the editorial.