Photography . Doughgirls Bakeshop . Vancouver . December, 2018

Looking for some comfort food, artisan breads or old-fashion baked goods? Doughgirls is your place if you’re up on the UBC campus in Westbrook. I recently had the opportunity to photograph their operation. They have the best cheesy kale scone breakfast sandwiches. It’s not a big place but the atmosphere is good, eclectic music, friendly staff and the goods are good! It’s my go to place for a coffee and a soup on a winter rainy day or early morning during the summer to sit outside. It’s the perfect spot to stop in if you’re going for a long ride or walk through the UBC Endowment Lands. They have croissants that actually has just the right amount of crunchy on the outside and the buttery softness on the inside. Being from Montreal, we get a bit spoiled when it comes to croissants and baguettes. The owners definitely know what they’re doing and it was amazing to be witness to the production behind the scenes of the little but quaint cafe and bakery! It takes some serious dedication and passion to run a bakery, where I’m assuming the call time for staff is well before most of us get out of bed. I mean, by the time we roll into the coffee shop for our freshly bake goodies and double “whatevers, these people have already done enough foot steps to fill there quota for the day. Not only does it all smell good but everything is crafted to look so pretty and so insanely irresistible, you might as well forget your early morning calorie burning session at the gym. They will, without a doubt, give you momentary amnesia to let yourself enjoy the next moment of absolute delight!