Fashion Photography . Vancouver . 2019

This was a fashion photoshoot we did in Vancouver with model @kristymcquade. She was amazing to work with! She just moved and I just captured everything I could working in mid day light. I’ve always been inspired by the works of photographers like Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier and Paolo Roversi. As a photographer, I’m more of a less is more kind of person. Probable why I love Lindbergh so much. His style is so classic, yet sexy and very cinematic. I love the rawness of his photographs, his subjects never look posed. Working with a model I don’t need to direct, allows me so much more freedom in creating the images that feel less forced and just so much more real.

The sun was intense, there was no cloud cover, we had several looks to shoot. During the summer months in Vancouver, doesn’t take long for the sun to come up and get very bright! Doing photography on location, you always hope for the best light, that softly filtered milky light … or maybe not. Sometimes hard light makes you think beyond the early morning or late afternoon light that make everything look amazing and flawless. I used to be scared of shooting in mid day light if I didn’t have a team to provide shade or strobes to create the images I wanted. The truth is, you can still create pretty images using just natural light and a silver/white reflector and maybe a translucent reflector for closer shots at the most. I have a couple Profoto reflectors which are not cheap but amazing to use on location specially when you don’t have a big grew to work with. I have a white/silver reflector and a translucent one. They are a good size and have handles which are great for holding to. In fact, I really enjoy shooting without being restricted to lights and triggers. As much as I like working in studio and messing around with lighting gear, I get even more excited when I get to shoot on location with minimal gear and lighting. It allows me the freedom to see light the way I might not see it if I was shooting with off camera flashes and lots of extra gear. Sometimes it’s just about moving the camera around the subject to find that sweet spot were the sun is working for you instead of against you.

Model Kristy McQuade @kristymcquade . Wardrobe on set Misch & Rebecca Bree