Kids Fashion Photoshoot . Vancouver . June, 2018

Last June, I had the pleasure offing the photography for a new kids fashion brand, Pley Clothes. I worked closely with fashion designer, Carlie Condon and talented art director Jamie Anderson on a two day photoshoot for for the launch of the new brand.  We had several meetings leading up to the two day production to discuss vision, intention, models, props and color grading of the final images.

Both Carlie and Jamie wanted to keep the photography very loose, natural, candid to represent the name and identity of the Pley Clothes brand . They didn’t want a very produced look to the imagery, so we decided to shoot without natural, available light even thought we knew we would likely be working in harsh mid-day sun. I suggested using large scrims but that meant we needed a crew and the budget didn’t allow for 2-4 extra hands on deck.

The first day of the photoshoot happened on a beautiful horse farm in Langley. The place was owned by a older lady who was a retired race horse trainer who so gracefully let us use the property for the photography with the kids and the horses. The place was flawless but the bugs were terrible. They were like kamikazes, dive bombing and attacking us from all direction . It made the day a little challenging trying to keep the kids smiling while under attack but thankfully the horses helped dissipate the unpleasant company on our photoshoot. The kids were troupers, we got the shots we needed, thanked the lady and her husband and swiftly left the merciless mosquitoes behind.

The second day of the photoshoot was a bit more enjoyable with feet in the sand, open fields and kids just having fun in the sun. There was some direction involved by most of the photoshoot was just documenting the play and action around me.

Check out PleyClothes. They are beautifully made from the finest Italian and Japanese fabrics and produced locally in Vancouver. Genderless, simple yet refined neutral fashion made with thought and integrity.